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The FREE Tribe Printing Software is designed to make the process of printing your photographs and images onto Tribe products as easy as pie! - the software provides you with templates matching your tribe products ... all you need to do is place your photographs and images into these templates and they will match up to the folds cuts and creases on your Tribe product - give it a go - it's FREE

(Please Note: this software is for the PC only)

The software is very simple to use, in fact it only takes 4 steps to place your photographs and images into the template ...

  1. choose the template associated with your tribe product
  2. click on the area of the template in which you want to place an image
  3. choose a photo, graphic or design from your PC to place into the template
  4. the image is automatically place perfectly within the printing area of your Tribe product.
You will need a password to download the Tribe Print Software, and to get a password, you will need to register with us first! ... its no big deal, take a look at the registration page ... / Registration ...

If you already have a Tribe password, please ... / Login
Get creative and share your brilliance with Tribe Print!
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