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a little bit about us ...

TRIBE is a creative and innovative company that has specially developed a range of printing products for the digitally aware 'creative' consumer who has every right to expect that bit more when it comes to printing and sharing digital images. The TRIBE range of products gives you more choice, better quality and a lower price than most of the other printing products out there, and … it performs brilliantly right across the range!

At TRIBE, we think that you should have a choice – just because you have an Epson printer doesn’t mean you have to use Epson paper! TRIBE is as good as IF NOT BETTER than the other brands and can be used with ANY 'quality' desktop inkjet printer. What we have here is a unique and diverse range of products that has been optimised for digital use — the range is all about being creative, it’s about showing off your digital images, it’s about trying something new and putting your stamp of individuality on everything your design and print.


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