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The Tribe range is divided into four different categories each bringing you the very best in home-use digital printing products. Every single product in this exciting and comprehensive range has been tried and tested to make sure that you get superb printing results every time. Whether you are looking to design and print your own CD labels and covers, show off your very own business cards or simply print out your stunning images ... Tribe makes it happen.

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Digital Photography
... from professional quality prints to printing out loads of vibrant images – this is a fantastic range of super high-quality photo papers to bring out the very best in your digital photos.
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Digital Presentation
... perfect for reports, dissertations, and general day-to-day printing. This smooth, coated range gives you bright colour and super crisp text.
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Digital Audio Visual
... is a fabulous range of innovative products to design and create your very own CD/DVD covers, labels and professional looking wallets.
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Digital Diversity
... a really useful and creative range to produce your own heavy-weight business cards, greeting cards and transfer film for t-shirt and fabric designs.          

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