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welcome to tribe print
Tribe print is the world wide base for TRIBE products, here you will find the full range of products currently available from Tribe along with some cool extras like our FREE Tribe print positioning software and, 'coming soon', a selection of FREE downloadable photo backgrounds to use in your designs ... so get creative, get clicking and do something spectacular with Tribe.  
  Tribe is a revolutionary new range of digital printing products for desktop inkjet printers. From printable CD wallets and DVD cases to photo-postcards and superb glossy photo papers ... here a Tribe we want you to get creative, to be inspired, to have a bit of fun, and stamp your individuality on your photos, images and designs ... print them out and show them off to the world.

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Tribe has developed a print positioning software to help you with your layouts. This software is FREE and will provide you with a template for each Tribe product available. These templates will position your photographs, graphics, images and text, exactly in the right place to print out accurately, time after time.

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